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27th Division, 102nd Battalion Army Corps of Engineers photographs

Identifier: SCPL-2014-018
Content Description

Large collection of 91 small format photographs depicting activities of the 102nd Battalion of the Army Corps of Engineers while stationed at Camp Wadsworth during World War I. A few of the images may depict activities at Fort McAllen, Texas in 1916. A few of the images include the photographer's stamp for P. E. Witte of Spartanburg, SC.

Dates: 1916 - 1918

31st Infantry Training Battalion, Company C, group portrait

Identifier: SCPL-2011-009
Content Description

One panoramic photograph of Company C of the 31st Infantry Training Battalion assembled at Camp Croft in October of 1941.

Dates: 1941-10

1891 Spartanburg Water Works bond

 Item — Box: Single File Collections Box 2: 2011-2014
Identifier: SCPL-2014-004
Content Description

Gold bond certificate for $1000 issued by the Spartanburg Water Works Company in 1891 with detachable slips valued at $30 and payable between 1894 and 1908.

Dates: 1891

1920 African-American family portrait

 Item — Box: Single File Collections Box 2: 2011-2014
Identifier: SCPL-2014-001
Content Description

One modern reprint of a 1920 photograph depicting an unknown Spartanburg County African-American family in front of their home. Seller's original description identified the date and location.

Dates: 1920

Abney Mills Woodruff Mill Second Shift panoramic photograph

Identifier: SCPL-2019-021
Content Description

This collection consists of one panoramic photograph showing the workers of the second shift at the Abney Mill located in Woodruff.

Dates: after 1946

Advertising color lithographs depicting antebellum African-Americans

 Collection — Box: Single File Collections Box 5: 2015-2017
Identifier: SCPL-2016-010
Content Description

Three color lithographic prints (7.25" x 9.25") depicting African-Americans, cotton cultivation, and a banjo performance. Prints were created by a dry goods firm, William R. Moore Company of Memphis.

Dates: 1904

African American Gospel Groups photographs

 Collection — Box: Single File Collections Box 6: 2018-2019
Identifier: SCPL-2018-017
Content Description This collection consists of 17 copies of photographs, mainly of African American gospel groups from the 1940s and 50s. Local groups include The Melodyaires of Welford, SC, The Harmonizing Quintet of Inman, SC, and Edna Gallmon Cooke. Other groups include The Original 5 Blind Boys of Alabama, The Southern Six, Golden Bell Quintet, Harmonizing Four, the Dixie Hummingbirds, Swanee Quintet, the Soul Stirrers, the Mighty Clouds of Joy of Los Angeles, CA, and the Caravans. There is also a photo of...
Dates: 2018

African-American Woman in Formal Attire photograph

 Item — Box: Single File Collections Box 5: 2015-2017
Identifier: SCPL-2015-013
Content Description

Photographic portrait by Alfred Willis of a young unidentified African-American woman wearing a white dress.

Dates: 1930

Albert Twichell House photographic slides

Identifier: SCPL-2010-013
Content Description

25 color slides of Albert Twichell House (also known as the Fretwell House), one color slide of a brick arch in the Church of the Advent chapel, and 13 color slides of an exhibit at the Spartanburg Arts Center. All slides are circa 1985.

Dates: 1985

Alexander Music House collection

Identifier: SCPL-2011-003
Content Description Collection consists of ledgers, sheet music, photographs, business documents, and publicity clippings from Alexander Music House, a Spartanburg business that sold musical instruments, lessons, and recordings from the turn of the century through the 1980s.Contents include:Box 1 1. Folder: Photos: 167 W. Main St. Location (1 negative, 5 photos) 2. Folder: Photos: 200 E. Main St. Location (44 photos) 3. Folder: Photos: 391 E. Main St. Location (36 photos) 4. Folder:...
Dates: 1900 - 1982

Andrews Building photographic slides

Identifier: SCPL-2010-012
Content Description

Nine (9) color slides depicting architectural details of the Andrews Building (also known as the Chapman Building) in downtown Spartanburg.

Dates: 1977

Apalache Mill textile strike photograph

 Item — Box: Single File Collections Box 5: 2015-2017
Identifier: SCPL-2015-018
Content Description

One original photographic print depicting an area outside Apalache Mill with the cars of a "flying squadron" from Spartanburg during the general textile strike of 1934. Image was originally published by Acme News Pictures. The photograph was touched up with pigments apparently for reproduction in a publication.

Dates: 1934-09-05

Army and Navy Masonic Service Center postcard

 Item — Box: Single File Collections Box 6: 2018-2019
Identifier: SCPL-2018-002
Content Description

Postcard depicting interior of Masonic Temple in Spartanburg in the 1940s, when a portion of the building was used as a recreation facility for Masonic servicemen. Postcard has been mailed by Private George Martin, stationed at Camp Croft, to his wife in Plainfield, Vermont.

Dates: 1943

Artists' Guild calendars

 Collection — Box: Single File Collections Box 5: 2015-2017
Identifier: SCPL-2015-034
Content Description Three bound calendars featuring artist profiles and sketches of historical sites in the Spartanburg region by members of the Artists' Guild of Spartanburg. Sites depicted in the 1960 calendar include Anderson's Mill, Walnut Grove Plantation, McMaken's Tavern, Price's Post Office, Nazareth Church, Shiloh Church, Harriet Trail House, Earle's Fort, Daniel Morgan Monument, Lucas House, Seay House, Legge House, Block House, old Graded School, Westmoreland House, Mount Pleasant Tavern, Mulligan...
Dates: 1960 - 1970

Athenaeum Book Club records

 Collection — Box: Single File Collections Box 6: 2018-2019
Identifier: SCPL-2019-034
Content Description

Athenaeum Book Club is a book club in Spartanburg that was founded in 1938. This accession consists of the records of the book club including yearbooks from the 1990s and 2000s and lists of Presidents and members.

Dates: 1988 - 2014

Austin Family tintype

 Item — Box: Single File Collections Box 4: 2014-2015
Identifier: SCPL-2014-036
Content Description

One tintype depicting a boy, believed to be a member of the Austin family, possibly William Jefferson Austin (1874 - 1960), a resident of Caldwell County, North Carolina.

Dates: 1878

Avis Dawkins High School diploma

 Item — Box: Single File Collections: Folio
Identifier: SCPL-2019-005
Content Description

In Fall 1970, Spartanburg County integrated its schools. Avis Dawkins was one of the first black students to graduate from the newly integrated Cowpens High School in Spring 1971. This collection consists of Avis Dawkins's high school diploma which is printed on a wooden plaque.

Dates: 1971-05-28

B & B Studio paper ephemera collection

 Collection — Box: Single File Collections Box 3: 2014
Identifier: SCPL-2014-007
Content Description

The materials in this collection were separated from the remainder of the B &amp>

Dates: 1917 - 1978

B & B Studio - White Family collection

Identifier: SCPL-2009-001
Content Description

Tommy White was a local Spartanburg photographer who owned the B & B Photography Studio. This collection contains thousands of photographs and negatives of Spartanburg County taken by B & B Studio from the 1940s to the 2000s. There are also a small number of documents related to the Studio and the White family.

Dates: 1940 - 2005

Joe Ballenger photographic collection

 Collection — Box: Single File Collections Box 5: 2015-2017
Identifier: SCPL-2017-006
Content Description

33 photographic prints captured by Joe Ballenger, an aviation enthusiast who lived near the Spartanburg Memorial Airport in the 1920s and 1930s. The images depict the visit of Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and others to Spartanburg. One image shows the Greenville airport from the air, another group of 6 images shows the Goodyear Blimp over Spartanburg.

Dates: 1927 - 1931

Band and White Printers flier

 Item — Box: Single File Collections Box 4: 2014-2015
Identifier: SCPL-2014-052
Content Description

Trifold flier produced by Band and White Printers including blank space for news clipping. Band and White Printers was a printing company that was founded in 1904 and operated in downtown Spartanburg.

Dates: 1962-05-15

Norman Lee Barnett employment records

 Collection — Box: Single File Collections Box 5: 2015-2017
Identifier: SCPL-2016-011
Content Description

Small collection of applications, official notices, commendations, Civil Service Commission documents, and other records relating to the employment of Norman Lee Barnett by the Soil Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture, and the United States War Department in the 1940s and 1950s. Barnett was an engineering draftsman.

Dates: 1942 - 1950

Beaumont E newsletter collection

 Collection — Box: Single File Collections Box 3: 2014
Identifier: SCPL-2014-009
Content Description

Eight issues of The Beaumont E, the company newsletter of the Beaumont Manufacturing Company. The title of the publication stems from the Army-Navy E Award, a honor given to manufacturing companies who provided material for the war effort during World War II.

Dates: 1942-11 - 1945-04

Beaumont Mills first shift card room employees photograph

Identifier: SCPL-2015-027
Content Description

One panoramic photograph depicting first shift employees of the Beaumont Mills card room. Donor identified the following individuals (all on first row): Superintendent James L. Adams (far left), Overseer Lloyd Jordan (2nd from left), Broad Jordan (10th from left), Levi Lindsay (12th from left), Will Berry (13th from left).

Dates: 1957-04-12

Bethlehem Baptist Church minute books

Identifier: SCPL-PAM-009
Content Description

The Bethlehem Baptist Church is a church in Roebuck, SC that dates back to 1800. This collection consists of photocopies of the minute books of the Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Dates: 1800 - 1920

Block House postcard

 Item — Box: Single File Collections Box 4: 2014-2015
Identifier: SCPL-2014-041
Content Description

One postcard depicting the Block House at the boundary between North and South Carolina near Landrum, South Carolina. Mailed in 1912 by W. A. McClure of Spartanburg to Frank T. Henrietta of Fort Bayard, New Mexico.

Dates: 1912

Harper A. Brakefield collection

 Collection — Box: Single File Collections Box 4: 2014-2015
Identifier: SCPL-2014-030
Content Description

World War I induction and discharge papers for Harper A. Brakefield (1888-1976) and four photographs: a portrait of Harper Brakefield, a 1922 image of the American Legion Post 28 marching band assembled in front of Spartanburg City Hall, a 1927 image of a marching band in the American Expeditionary Forces parade in Paris, and a 1930 image of a Spartanburg marching band during a parade at the American Legion Convention in Boston.

Dates: 1918 - 1930

Brooks family papers

 Collection — Box: Single File Collections Box 6: 2018-2019
Identifier: SCPL-2019-039
Content Description

James Furman Brooks was the Spartanburg County Superintendent of Education in the 1930s and 40s and Ella Brooks Wilson was his sister who worked for Duke Power as their payroll mistress. This collection consists of an English-French Hand Book from Camp Wadsworth, a program for the opening of the educational building at First Baptist Church, a letter to Ella Wilson from Rep. Robert Ashmore, and an invitation to the inauguration of President Kennedy in Washington, D.C.

Dates: 1917 - 1961

Brown family photographs

 Collection — Box: Single File Collections Box 3: 2014
Identifier: SCPL-2014-006
Content Description

Small collection of six portrait photographs apparently connected to the Morris Augustus Moore Brown family of Inman, South Carolina. Only one photograph is identified. It depicts M. A. M. Brown, his wife Sally Brown, and two children, Buford and Mayfield Brown around 1906. Another image created by Joyner's Studio in Chester, South Carolina depicts a man with American Indian and/or African-American features. Another notable photograph depicts two uniformed policemen with a mule.

Dates: 1895 - 1920

Buck Creek Baptist Church minutes

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: SCPL-2019-002
Content Description

Buck Creek Baptist Church is a church located in Chesnee, SC that dates back to the 1780s. This collection consists of one volume of bound minutes of the Buck Creek Baptist Church from the 1850s to the 1960s.

Dates: 1850 - 1970